One thing a lot of people know about me is my love for music. I like many different kinds of music, but am a rock 'n roller by nature.   My favorite band is RUSH!  They are amazing...from their masterfully written lyrics (ala Neil Peart, the trio's drummer) to lead singer Geddy Lee's amazing vocal range and guitarist Alex Lifeson's killer rips!  I have some of my favorite links listed below...some are songs, some are web pages for different bands. I hope you enjoy them!

~ Analog Kid ~

RUSH!My favorite band, as I said above, is RUSH!  I thought Rush deserved their very own RUSH PAGE is the result! Please click on the Star to go to my Rush page! I hope you like it!  I've put some work into it!

My second favorite band is Metallica.

Also from the Metallica CD: Holier Than Thou and Enter Sandman.  Cool stuff!  :)

Let us not forget KISS!!  My hubby is a die-hard fan...I like them too, just not as much as he does.  Hehehe!  (:  We went to the Kiss concert in September 2000 in full makeup.  Check us out!  I was Gene...he's my fav!  (:  One of my favorite (if not my #1 fav) songs by Kiss is one most people won't know unless they're a true fan.  The song, Sure Know Something, is just awesome!  Another of my favorite Kiss songs is Beth.  SO AWESOME as a live song!  Makes me cry every time Peter sings it...

I really like classic rock.  There are a lot of songs that my hubby and I listened to while we were dating (in the 90's mind you) that really meant a lot to us for various reasons.  Some of those songs are Nights in White Satin by the Moody Blues, Ah! Leah! by Donny Iris and Wish You Were Here by Pink Floyd...  Those songs really take me back...

And, from those classic rock days, two really cool people came together for one album (sigh!) and put out some GREAT music.  I'm talking about David Coverdale and Jimmy Page.  The CD, Coverdale-Page, came out in 1993.  Many of the songs stand the test of time.  My favorite song on the CD is Take Me For a Little While.  David Coverdale's soulful voice is the perfect front for Jimmy Page's guitar work, not only on this song but the whole CD.  Another cool song on the CD, Waiting on You, has a real Zeppelin kind of feel to it and it rocks pretty sufficiently.  If you like Whitesnake and Zeppelin's'd like this CD.

Yet another of my favorite bands is Queensr˙che. The CD "Empire" is my favorite...and from that CD, the song Silent Lucidity speaks volumes, and is my favorite Queensr˙che song.  I also love The Thin Line and Another Rainy Night (Without You).  "Operation: Mindcrime" is another excellent CD, and my favorite song on that one is Eyes of a Stranger.  And from "Hear In The Now Frontier" here are lyrics to Sign Of The, what a song...

Being such a metal-head rocker, I really enjoy the likes of bands such as Linkin Park, Incubus, Korn, System of a Down, Nickelback, Tool,  Green Day, Puddle of Mudd, Staind, Godsmack, Disturbed, Cold, Foo Fighters, Mudvayne, Trapt, P.O.D., Seether, Velvet Revolver, Slipknot, Drowning Pool, Three Days Grace, Weezer...     Here are some lyrics...

Drive - Incubus

Blurry - Puddle of Mudd

Nothing Could Come Between Us - Theory Of A Deadman

Somewhere I Belong - Linkin Park

Serenity - Godsmack - I love this song.

Running Blind - Godsmack - I love this one, too...

Fade - Staind

Schism - Tool

My Immortal - Evanescence

Broken - Seether - feat. Amy Lee

Alive - P.O.D.

Crystal Ball - Styx

Cold - Crossfade

Fiddle and the Drum - A Perfect Circle - this song is so cool! 


MORE LYRICS ARE COMING SOON!  Check back often; I'm working on them!!

Take a cyberwalk through MCA's web site! Really cool site!

Next, visit Sony Music Online - another cool site!

Ya gotta visit the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame site! 

Check out MTV Online!

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